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District Directory

District Commissioner                                                      Ashley Jones

District Explorer Scout Commissioner                           Ade Morris
District Network Commissioner                                       Lauren Carmichael
District Youth Commissioner                                            Callum Jones

Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers)                   Chloe Williams
Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)                        Nikki Small
Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)                     Drew Marshall
Assistant District Commissioner (General Duties)       Nigel Jennings
Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)                 Richard Wellbelove

Assistant District Commissioner (Growth & Development)  Greg Richards

Training Manager                                                             Helen Bonnick

Special Needs Adviser   Susan Cooke
Scout Active Support Manager                                             Brian Sadd

Nights Away Co-Ordinator                                     

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Co-Ordinator           Stewart Lomax & Anthea Beetlestone

District Chair                                                                      Mike Todd

District Secretary                                                              Jim Ringe
District Treasurer                                                              Marion Love
District Badge Secretary                                                  Shirley Beesley
Appointments Sub-Committee Secretary                       Sheila Ringe

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